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On the Mark: Treachery is not the same as rendering justice

Team 12 Anchor Mark Curtis talks about the state's decision to reinstate the gas chamber as an execution tool for capital punishment.

ARIZONA, USA — The gas chamber shouldn’t be anything more than a grim reminder of our past.

I have to admit I was surprised and appalled this week when I read that Arizona was bringing back the gas chamber.

I don’t know about you, but anytime I think about a gas chamber my mind goes to places like Auschwitz where millions of innocent people were gassed by their Nazi guards.

So, I ask you, is that a chapter in history that we as a state should be bringing back?

I don’t think so.

I think if you believe in capital punishment, then surely in 2021 there should be better, more humane ways to handle execution.

I also heard from some who said that it shouldn’t matter how we execute these people because they didn’t show any compassion when they killed their victims.

That may be true. But, if we don’t act any better, any more compassionate than the people we are punishing, are we any better than them?

On The Mark

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