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On The Mark: Be thankful for the important stuff this holiday season

The election was a big deal, but this Thanksgiving, let's leave politics at the door and focus on what's important.

ARIZONA, USA — My mom, when she was alive, used to have a rule at the Thanksgiving table: No talking politics.

That rule was installed because my father, who is a die-hard Republican, and my uncle, a left of center liberal, would inevitably get into it.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I started thinking that maybe it's time we all heeded mom's advice.

We have been through a long and grueling election season in the midst of the worst public health crisis America has dealt with since 1918.

Tensions are high, we are angry, we are divided and we all believe that we are right and anyone who doesn’t share our political beliefs is wrong.

We need to get over ourselves. We need an attitude adjustment. Most importantly we need to remember what’s really important.

Not who won the election, but rather things like good health, family and peace.

That’s my wish for you this Thanksgiving: No talking politics at the table and to be thankful for the important stuff.