Evie Clair, a star singer on America's Got Talent, from Florence, Arizona announced through her mother's blog that she will return to compete in AGT's finals after her father's death.

12 News had the chance to speak to her. She is in high spirits and ready to take on the finals.

"I just remember what my dad has taught me and it really helps me," said Evie. "Also, (help) from my church having everyone there and I have such great friends here (on AGT)."

Evie even shared her aspirations after AGT.

"I want to do musical therapy. My dad was a psychologist and my mom was a music teacher," said Evie. "I want to match their professions together."

She already has music teaching experience under her belt. Evie has already taught a boy with autism and a little girl with Down syndrome.

With a kind heart, soul and plenty of strength, there's no doubt she will make Arizona proud.

Evie wanted to show her gratitude with her fans for being so supportive throughout her journey, especially after her father's death.

"I love them, (the fans) and I am so grateful I have gotten this far and that they've gotten me this far," said Evie. "I've had such an amazing opportunity and I don't know where I would be without this."

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