I know, you are probably thinking, "Why on Earth would I buy a 'Keurig' tortilla maker?" I don't blame you for asking just that.

You have to admit, the idea sounds pretty interesting and convenient. If Keurig can do it with coffee, why can't someone do it with other foods?

Now, someone has.

It's called Flatev and it's an instant-tortilla maker which uses pods -- like the coffee pods -- to prepare fresh tortillas in under a minute.

According to Flatev's website, the ingredients include water and stone ground organic corn or wheat flour. Oh, and did I mention they are gluten free?

You will also have the chance to choose sweet or spicy flavor for your tortilla.

According to published reports, the machines will sell for about $250 and will be available by summer of 2017, but people can already start reserving theirs.

It sounds very tempting, but I'd rather just buy my tortillas. Call me old fashioned.