Book club for dogs?

Well, yes please! Reading does well, not only for the mind, but for the soul too.

Imagine reading to sheltered animals, it can do the same.

The Arizona Animal Welfare League in Phoenix is launching the Ruff Draft book club for their sheltered animals this summer.

"During the really hot summers months, we can't really take them (dogs) in yards as much and play because they will overheat," said Michael Morefield with AAWL. "So we're always looking for ways to do in kennel enrichment."

And the idea of reading books to these sweet pups, while waiting for their forever homes, is perfect.

"Even simple tasks like reading to the dogs, really helps their well-being, helps their emotional psychological state and it's really fun to do," said Morefield.

The cool thing about this is that the public is welcome to come and read to the sheltered animals at AAWL.

"We wanted to help build a community, we wanted to help build a group of people that really engage and are passionate about our animals," said Morefield.

The book club is another way their sheltered animals can potentially find loving homes and learn how to build bonds.

"If you want to read to our dogs you can sit outside the kennels, we'll have pillows for you where you can sit," said Morefield.

Morefield says the public is only allowed to go inside with cats to read. Only the volunteers are allowed to read inside the kennels with the dogs.

"All of our animals are available to be read to, that are available for adoption, but some animals really need a bit of an extra loving care," said Morefield.

It's usually the shy and nervous animals that need the most reading.

"Reading to them, it's going to provide that positive reinforcement and help them find their families," said Morefield.

The books at AAWL are donated by Changing Hands Bookstore, but Morefield says the public may bring their own book to read to the animals.

To get more information about the the Ruff Draft book club, visit AAWL’s website.