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Water is life. Be the difference and have your business host a water drive.

During these summers, hosting water drives can make a huge difference.

Water is life.

Water is a necessity. Arizona summers are brutal.

During these summers, hosting water drives can make a huge difference — especially if you are a business or even a small business.

12 News went to visit Sundt, a construction company that hosts a yearly water drive called Thirst Aid, We received some tips on how other business can jump on the bandwagon.

"In 2010, a group of Sundt employees volunteered at the Andre House, which is a soup kitchen," said Lisa White an Operations Coordinator for Sundt.

Lisa says that during her time volunteering at the Andre House, she noticed there wasn't enough water for people in need.

"[It] doesn't make any sense that we cannot provide water for people that need it," said Lisa.

Lisa, passionately, went back to Sundt, where she was given the thumbs up to lead an effort in hosting a water drive for the company which eventually became Thirst Aid.

She says Sundt and the nonprofit St. Joseph The Worker, partnered up in hosting the water drive.

"The first year of our water drive, it was so crazy, because it was the first 100-degree temperature," said Lisa.

The company supported her 100 percent in hosting the water drive and it has since become a success.

We asked Lisa what tips she suggests for other businesses to host water drives in the Valley:

"One thing that works for us is that we always put some kind of [internal] competition in, people get excited, because at the same time they are giving, but always having fun with it," said Lisa. "Make it fun, really put out there the nonprofit you are going to support."

Lisa also mentions how it is important to have a leader to take charge of the water drive.

"Just like anything, it has to start somewhere and people had no idea that there were people that had no water," said Lisa.

She is beyond thankful for the support and for the amount of donated water bottles that will be going to people in need.

Lisa says that this is a huge valley and if other businesses could get involved, there would be a lot more coverage.

Below are some quick, suggested tips to host a water drive:

1. Have an internal water drive its employees

2. Partner with a nonprofit

3. Have a water drive captain within your employees

4. Promote your water drive

5. Be passionate and ready to make a difference

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