A Valley mom, Regina Goldberg recently uploaded on her Facebook page an emotional video her 13-year-old daughter Kalani created.

The message behind it? To stand up against bullying.

"The way I see is words are very impactful and they stick to you," said Kalani Goldberg.

Her mother Regina had noticed something was wrong with Kalani one day.

"She sat on the floor and closed the bathroom door,” said Regina and Kalani said. “Sometimes I cry for no reason and I don't know what's wrong with me.”

Regina says Kalani finally told her mother that her peers at school have been bothering her. It got bad to the point where Kalani was called a very inappropriate name just because she wouldn't let her peer borrow a pencil after Kalani repeatedly asked for her other borrowed pencils back.

"Well, I asked her who is bullying you?"

Regina's daughter told her that several of her peers make comments about her clothes and even call her a "suck-up."

Kalani had enough and decided to create a video of herself covered in Post-it notes with names bullies have called her.

"I figured, sticky notes are easy to stick on and it's a good analogy for that sort of thing, for people to realize how that feels," said Kalani.

Kalani said the video was an emotional outlet for her in hopes it would make her feel better. She has received a ton of positive feedback because of her video.

"The amount of positive feedback I have gotten really helped me realize what other people are saying about me negatively doesn’t matter because so many other people are supporting of me and encouraging me," said Kalani.

Her mother said she considers herself lucky for her daughter to have come to her and also said parents need to talk to their kids.

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