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Uncensored: Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures visits Globe and some 'friends' make an appearance

The reality show "Ghost Adventures" came to Globe recently.

GLOBE, Ariz. - Many of you have heard of the long-lasting reality show called "Ghost Adventures."

It's a group of friends that travels the world to investigate potential haunted locations.

In October, our own Ozzy Mora went to cover a Halloween event at a well-known jail — the 1920 Gila County Jail in Globe.

To her surprise, she had a rather different story to tell.

PREVIOUS STORY: My unplanned ghost experience at a historic jail in Globe, is something I could never forget

The story caught the attention of the reality series "Ghost Adventures." The crew evidently packed their bags and headed to Globe to investigate along with our own Ozzy Mora.

There is not a set date when the episode will air, but we were able to catch an interview with the host of the show, Zak Bagans.

To our surprise, during the interview, some "friends" made themselves known. Let's see if you can make out what or who interrupted the interview.

Editor's Note: You can see the entire interview on our YouTube channel.

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