"The biggest issue when I'm talking to social workers or case managers is housing," said Elizabeth Singleton, the president of Build Us H.O.P.E.

Singleton made it a goal to open Phoenix's first tiny home community dedicated to veterans -- it's finally happening.

Build Us H.O.P.E. is a nonprofit organization in Phoenix which offers housing programs primarily targeted to veterans and the seriously mentally ill, disabled or chronically homeless.

The organization already has three tiny home (microhousing) communities called "The Village on 13th," "The Village on 35th" and "Micro on Madison."

The end goal is to eventually have 67 tiny homes dedicated not only to veterans, but others in need in the community.

"You have to be able to prove that you have been a veteran and that you have been homeless, or you are in need of afforable housing. If you haven't been homeless, but you have an income requirement, then we can base that off you being able to live in there," said Singleton.

"The Village on 13th" is the first set of tiny homes for veterans.

Three of the homes will be a used as a teaching site called Micro on Madison, where city leaders and Arizona State University students will gather to educate the public about the homeless and plan for more tiny home developments.

The deadline to apply for the homes was June 19, but Elizabeth says people can still apply for consideration for the Village on 35th, 22 homes which will be open in 2018.

"When someone applies, the individual will be chosen. After we screen down the information, then they will be chosen in a lottery," Singleton said.

She also said that the home will be based around sustainability, meaning it will mainly "green" with solar use and aquaponics.

Most of the plants in the tiny home community will have a purpose -- they will either be edible or have a farming purpose.

Singleton mentioned that the organization will begin groundbreaking for The Village on 35th in August.

To get more information about the tiny home community and how to apply for a home, click here.