After 25 years, The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul has opened a new resource center and an expanded shelter for the elderly, disabled and homeless services.

The amount of people who are homeless with no place to stay has doubled since 2014, according to Maricopa Association of Governments.

"We have been in our current facility for about 38 years," said Julia Matthies, the director of Ozanam Manor.

She says the City of Phoenix wanted to re-develop the area and they sure did -- it is now called the Ozanam Manor.

"We are a transitional shelter for older and disabled people in Arizona," said Matthies.

12 News went to take a tour of the new expanded shelter, and it's beyond beautiful.

"Oh, wow, this is nothing like I expected ... I didn't expect any of this," said Douglas Hood, a resident of Ozanam Manor.

Hood was previously robbed and was severely hurt.

He says his heart is now less than a quarter operable and if it weren't for St. Vincent de Paul, he would be out in the streets.

"This is basically a person's living space here, and these are some of the things that they thought about that we didn't have in our old facility," said Matthies.

This gives the shelter a homier feel and a lot more resources will be available to the residents.

"We have beautiful group rooms that we can use for nutrition groups and substance use groups," said Matthies. "We have someone coming in to do meditation, we have someone coming in to do yoga."

The expanded shelter for the elderly and disabled will increase from 49 beds to 60 beds.

"We also have 25 of our beds reserved for veterans and those veterans are referred to us from the homeless veterans services," said Matthies.

Matthies says there are four dormitories and one is reserved for women, so they have their own space.

She says the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, along with St. Vincent de Paul's intake staff, try to keep an eye out for people who have mobility issues, people just getting out of hospitals or who have been out in the streets for a while. These are the people who the shelter takes into consideration first to come and stay at the facility.

The new facility will also have classrooms, computer lab, a food pantry to support enhanced services to help people end homelessness.

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