February is known as the time to send love and warm fuzzy feelings to a loved one or even a stranger.

It's also a great reminder that love should always be shown.

Feb. 14 -- this Wednesday -- is Valentine's Day and on this day, Phoenix Children's Hospital will be accepting holiday cards for kiddos in the hospital.

This is a great way to show these kiddos in the hospital some love and let them know you are thinking of them as well.

Take for example 7-month-old Jaxton, who is the first baby to receive a melody valve implantation in the mitral position, according to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

According to the hospital, this is a very difficult procedure. The positioning of the valve keeps Jaxton from getting blood clots, which could be very hard to regulate in a baby.

Babies like Jaxton would love to see a Valentine's Day card and be reminded that they are loved the way they are.

If you would like to get more information in how you can send a V-Day card to one of these cuties, you can go to pchvalentine.com.