Long lines and crowds of people were waiting for G-Eazy to perform at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

12 News had the chance to chat with Gerald Earl Gillum also known as rapper G-Eazy while on The Beautiful & Damned Tour presented by Stillhouse.

Let's just say he is one tall rapper and probably the most down-to-earth person you could meet.

His most recent album was released in December, and it reached No. 1 on Billboard's Top R&B/ Hip Hop Album charts.

"I'm the same kid who was selling mixtapes out of my backpack in Oakland," said G-Eazy about making it to No. 1 on the Billboard charts.

G-Eazy shares that there was a point in his career where things weren't working out for a while.

"It wasn't connecting, underground was very independent and finally when things started to take off, it felt like a blessing," said G-Eazy.

We asked him if he had any ties to Phoenix.

"I love Lo-Lo's Chicken Waffles," said G-Eazy.

He says that some of the best shows for him have been in Phoenix.

"It's one of those dates, count down the days that we look forward to," said G-Eazy.

There are many new projects G-Eazy is working on, but of course, he only gave us a tiny tease.

But one recent project, is his incorporation with Stillhouse Spirits Co. as a partner and their co-creative director.

"I was a fan of the brand and I met the company, really clicked with them and I've been waiting for the right kind of opportunity," said G-Eazy.

G-Eazy is excited to jump on this new business endeavor and feels like this was the right choice.

"I think your identity as an artist, your authenticity of the stories you tell, represent what you stand for, that's why people connect with you," said G-Eazy about why it's so important to be authentic and true to yourself.

You can watch the entire interview on our 12 News YouTube channel.