After the tragedies that affected certain parts of Mexico and Puerto Rico, the people in the community won't stop remembering and contributing back any possible way.

At the Vida y Muerte event on Oct. 27, which was held at the Luna Culture Lab in Phoenix, community members came out and supported the ongoing traditions of Day of the Dead.

Many artists created Day of the Dead sugar skulls, makeup, hair and even altars that represent to them the meaning of this celebration.

There were specifically two altars that highlighted the victims of the recent tragedies of Mexico and Puerto Rico.

An alter for the victims of Mexico earthquake is set up at Luna Culture Lab. Photo: Ozzy Mora, 12 News 

Both altars were created with cultural pieces and even images in remembrance of the people who died in the earthquake near Mexico City and Hurricane Maria, which has left much of Puerto Rico without power still.

The altar that represents Mexico had images of damaged pieces, families in tears and even people using the streets as their temporary homes.

The Puerto Rico altar had ocean figurines and some of the island's indigenous artifacts.

Lupita Medina, the organizer of the Vida Y Muerte event, says that the altars will be up for the public to see until Friday, at the Luna Culture Lab.

"People lost their businesses, people lost their homes, so it's very important that we do this," said Medina.

She and the community are hoping that people will still donate funds to charities supporting those in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

"People are going to be affected for a long time, so we thought, 'How can we incorporate this (into the event)' and we thought about the altars," said Medina.

She says the Luna Culture Lab will have a specific place in the lab where people can come and donate throughout the week.