Not everyone can enjoy a plate full of vegetables or fruits, but one Phoenix artist is making it visually appealing.

Sandra Marshall, an artist and a teacher, never thought that her life would turn into creating food art with a funky twist.

"My dad dropped off a whole bag of vegetables. They are snowbirds so my mom and dad always leave us with all other extra things," Marshall explained about the roots of her project. "The first thing my son said to me was 'I am not going to eat all of those,' and my daughter is a vegetarian and I thought to myself that I needed to get more creative -- I need to think of different ways that I could make eating vegetables more fun."

That's exactly what Sandra has been doing, so much that now, she has a book out called One Hot Night at the Veggie Bar for adults and another book coming out for kids.

The books all tell stories with different ingredients and combining food art about each piece.

How did all her creations become so popular?

Sandra says she just started posting her food creations on social media and people would contact her asking to post more and sooner or later she became a food artist.

Not only does she create amazing creations, but she has themes in her household, for example, she has 'Political Figure Tuesday,' which Sandra based on the popular 'Taco Tuesday' tradition.

"Every 'Taco Tuesday' is 'Political Taco Tuesday' so I turn our tacos, the taco meat first into a political figure, I've done Donald Trump, Clinton -- both Clintons," said Marshall.

She mentioned how she first started with the food creation of Donald Trump. She was inspired by the current events happening in today's world, but she says that there is no opinion behind that -- she's just creating art .

"People have forgotten the fruits and vegetables and what natures gives us. Go back to nature, go back to raw, go back to the basics. Cut them up and appreciate," she said.