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Mural dedicated to 'Dreamers' is complete and it's more meaningful than ever

An empowering movement.
Muralist Lucinda Hinojos, also known as "La Morena" dedicated mural to Dreamers. Photo: Ozzy Mora, 12 News

In February, local muralist Lucinda "La Morena" Hinojos launched a mural project dedicated to 'Dreamers'.

The mural on Central Avenue in Phoenix is now complete and you can't miss it.

The powerful mural depicts a child migrant field worker with a cage full of doves and butterflies.

The mural represents potential and freedom.

"[It's] a project that actually collaborates with other nonprofit organizations that are fighting social justice issues," said Lucinda.

Lucinda and other organizations in the Valley bring awareness and advocate through art.

"My family was raised in south Phoenix, my dad's family and my mom's," said Lucinda.

This mural represents something profound to Lucinda, but she says she is happy to be doing this mural for Dreamers.

"There's a lot of confusion going on and the mural gives motivation and hope," said Lucinda.

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled against in-state tuition for immigrants. This has caused many DACA recipients to drop out of school without a lower tuition.

"It's about hanging on to our roots, but also the potential we have in the community," said Petra Falcon the executive director of Promise Arizona.

Petra says that the mural helps remind DACA recipients that there are people standing up for them.

"When you see so many doors being shut behind you ...'You can't go here,' or 'You can't go there' or 'You can't get in-state tuition,'" said Petra. "Then, you've got this wall that sort of tumbles everything else down."

She says murals like the one painted on building walls on Central are the kind of walls we need, not the border wall.

Lucinda hopes that the mural will serve as a way to give DACA recipients more hope in whatever comes their way.

"No matter what, we will stand behind you and we'll fight, we'll keep fighting, we can't give up," said Lucinda.

She says she is in the works of painting more murals in Phoenix and is open for the community to join her in the movement.

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