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Embracing art through a NASCAR tire and giant tassels of hair. Yes, this is art.

Attention all artists in Phoenix -- do you!
Tassles made out of hair. Photo: Sam Fresquez

PHOENIX - What is art?

Art is something that is always questioned. It's a platform of exploration and making it what you want.

Phoenix artist and Arizona State University student Sam Fresquez is an example of how exploring different topics within art is OK.

Fresquez is currently the artist in residence at Xico Inc. Arte y Cultura.

Xico Inc. provides opportunities for Latino and indigenous artists to grow in various art forms, according to their website.

"I've really loved being there, I think that during my year at Xico, I’ve been able to push myself to do a lot of new things," said Fresquez in an email.

Recently, she created a NASCAR tire into an art piece, and it was nonetheless eye-catching.

NASCAR tire is made into art piece. Photo: Sam Fresquez 

"I grew up in a car family, racing has always been a big part of my dad’s life," said Fresquez. "The tire belonged to Mexican-born racecar driver, Daniel Suárez, and what most people don’t realize is that race tires are smooth and have no tread like street tires."

... making it the perfect piece to make art from. The tire was displayed in the Art d' Core Gala at the Bentley Projects Gallery in Phoenix.

It was the perfect selfie spot.

Most of Fresquez's art pieces has been about the intersection between the queer community and the Catholic Church.

"A lot of my art uses interviews and text -- working on those projects allowed me to interact with a lot of people that I wouldn't have," said Fresquez, "and ask questions that I would never have been able to in other contexts."

No matter what, art is a form of expression. Whether you it feel in the moment or if you are portraying a certain message to society, art is never wrong.

And Fresquez is the example of taking art to a different level.

"Recently, I’ve been making collaborative work on a bigger scale," said Fresquez. "We recently had an installation in the shipping containers on Roosevelt, where we made giant tassels out of hair that you could walk around."

It may sound bizarre, but the finished piece was far beyond mesmerizing.

"To make good art, I think one of the most important steps is to figure out what you think good art is," said Fresquez.

So, if you are an artist in Phoenix trying to find some motivation. Well, look around you and inspire yourself

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