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Celebrating Frida Kahlo's birthday should always be more than just celebration

Born on July 6, 1907, Kahlo's passion, wisdom, and most of all her majestic artwork, definitely resonates with many.

Frida Kahlo is a woman who has been a representation of women empowerment for decades.

Born on July 6, 1907, Kahlo's passion, wisdom, and most of all, her majestic artwork, definitely resonates with many.

"July 6 is her birthday and this year she would have been 111 years old," said Lupita Medina Villa a Phoenix artist.

Kahlo loved who she loved and made no excuses for her choices. In other words, she was unapologetic.

"People are looking past just her paintings, before it was just her paintings and artwork, so if people couldn't relate to it or understand, people would just move on," said Villa. "People are now starting to understand who Frida was.

Celebrating Frida Kahlo is more than just celebrating her birthday, it's about re-acknowledging Latinas, women, artists and even men.

"We're wives and mothers, sisters, daughters ... and all these other things, we're business owners and CEOs of companies," said Villa. "We're women and I think Frida always hung on to that."

It takes people as passionate as Villa to keep Kahlo alive in Phoenix. Villa has made it a a point to not only celebrate Kahlo's birthday, but to make it an experience for the community.

"It's more than just an event, I want people to come and be awed and say, 'I didn't know,' or say 'I want to learn more,'" said Villa.

Besides the arts, crafts and poetry, Frida's Birthday Bash, which Villa will host on July 6, will give you a slight perspective on how Kahlo lived her life.

"There will be a Q & A, people can ask questions, learn about her jewelry and why wore the jewelry that she wore," said Villa. "She wore those jewelry and layers of it, to kind of protect herself and to heal and feel she can go out there and conquer anything."

Her clothes were also a part of her character and showed her lack of interest in caring what others thought of her during her time.

Frida Kahlo was rare, and nowadays, we need more rares.

So, it's not just a "birthday" celebration, it's a forever experience to move forward with.

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