Normally, when you walk into a gym it's a plain scene, but a new all-women gym in Scottsdale is pumping up the motivation in the atmosphere to help you get through your workout.

Not only is it a place to get a good work out, but Goddess Fit in Scottsdale gives women going through a tough time a way to de-stress.

"What makes us different is that it’s a niche," said Goddess Fit owner Jodie Book-Stokes. "There aren’t any women's gyms in Arizona -- very, very few in a way that are full-service gym facilities."

It's a boutique place where you can not only get a great workout, but also find emotional stability with other women.

Jodie herself had personal experiences in her life that made her turn to fitness as an escape.

Her father had polio, her mother had lung cancer and not too long ago she was faced with divorce.

"There are more instances of women that are single moms or going through divorce, who want community with other women, need some time to work out, so I wanted to create an environment that was non-intimidating, that was comfortable," said Jodie.

The equipment that this gym has is also an eye-catcher.

"We also have, with SportsArt, which I love so much, are our virtual treadmills, so you can (virtually) run or walk in San Diego, San Francisco and the Redlands," said Jodie.

Not only that, but Goddess Fit is the only gym in Arizona that has a virtual cycling class called Spivi.

"It is a 3-D monitor system that attaches you as an avatar on the screen and you ride through different countries and it emails you your results," said Jodie.

Jodie said many of the gym's guests are amazed and even feel more motivated to work out with Spivi.

It takes people to a whole different mindset and you get to explore different parts of the world by getting a good workout.

Goddess Fit doesn't send men away either. There are days called "Dudes Days," where the women can bring the men in their life and have them work out at the gym.

Now, the gym is accepting new gym members all year long. If you would like to get more information, click here.