Evie Hesner is an 82-year-old certified nursing assistant at a retirement community called Friendship Village in Tempe.

"I was in my 50s, almost 59 when I started here [at Friendship Village], close to that, 58 or 59, right in that area," said Evie.

She is currently the oldest CNA working at Friendship Village and spends her days taking care of other seniors like her.

"I think when people get a certain age they say, well, you're old," said Evie. "So, when I take care of people, I never think of them as being old, I think of them being like me."

Evie says she works nights and makes sure the residents take their medications or assists them with other simple medical needs.

"We are there to help the nurses. That's a lot of what we do when we are working, [we help out] if somebody falls down or if somebody needs help," said Evie.

She shares a special bond with some of the residents including sweet Lia. Lia was sitting next to Evie for the entire interview.

"I always talk to her a little bit, ask her how she is, ask her how she's doing, [usually she’s] enjoying her television or whatever show is on, we talk," said Evie.

Evie mentions that she doesn't like her residents feeling like they are patients, which is the reason why she doesn't wear scrubs like a typical nurse.

"I'm not in a nursing home, and I'm not in a hospital, and I'm not in assistance living," said Evie. "We are in where these people live, and I didn't feel comfortable wearing scrubs."

Thankfully, Friendship Village allows Evie to wear her regular wardrobe.

Evie says she has no plans yet on throwing in the towel to the workforce.

"I live a day at a time, I don't live for five days down the road or a week down the road. I live for this day," said Evie.

Evie will forever leave a loving imprint at Friendship Village.