It's a cardboard boat challenge: Just in time for summer and a great way to keep motivation, unity and empowerment going.

About 180 students from Western Sky Middle School attempted to row their handmade cardboard boats on Tuesday across the pool at Litchfield Park Recreation Center.

For many, it took up to a week to complete their boats. Many students said that it felt this event brought them closer together as peers.

The middle school received a STEM mini-grant from APS and the Phoenix Suns, which allowed them to create these cardboard boats to promote learning around science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The students were be able to pile into their cardboard boats, only two students per vessel in hopes their boat wouldn't sink, but for a couple that didn't quite work out. The boats made their way across a 25-yard lap pool.

Good news for those who sunk, though: the sinking boats were up for the Titanic award.

Other awards will also be given for the fastest, coolest looking and best-themed boats.

The kids were only allowed to use cardboard, duct tape, markers, pens and pencils to build their boats.