Bring out your knitting or crocheting skills for the entire month of February.

Three OptumCare community centers decided to join the American Heart Association for its month-longcampaign "Little Hats Big Hearts."

People around the country can knit and crochet red hats for babies born in February to empower moms to live heart-healthy lives.

"We've been gathering together for several months, making hats for the month of February to deliver to babies in the hospital," said Angie Neto, the marketing manager of OptumCare in Arizona.

The American Heart Association reached out to the OptumCare community centers, which provide medical care and various classes in the Valley, to welcome them to participate in the campaign.

"This campaign sort of took a life of its own. We ended up with a little competition between the community centers to see which center could produce the most hats," said Neto.

Two of the centers won the knitting competition, but the awesome thing is that all the centers accumulated more than 1,500 red hats. Oh, but there's a prize for it too!

"Well, I heard we were getting pizza so I put in my request because I am gluten intolerant and I want a vegetarian one," said Verl Curtiss, a retired school teacher.

We don't know if Veryl ever got here gluten-free pizza, but she is happy her and her senior friends were a part of this cause.

"Just to know that we are helping babies, that's all we really care about, we want to know that what we are doing is going to be helping babies," said Curtiss.

Curtiss has been knitting since she was 7 years old -- her first project was a mitten.

"And I promptly lost one," Curtiss said jokingly.

These adorable knitted hats will all be donated to various hospitals in the Valley within the next couple of weeks.