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Yes, Maricopa County really is growing by more than 100 people a day.

We've heard the Phoenix metro area is growing rapidly, but what do the numbers say?

MARICOPA COUNTY, Ariz. — Phoenix brags about being one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the United States.

Even during a pandemic, the city and the surrounding metro area continued to add to its population.

However, how many people really are moving into the Valley?

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The Question:

Are more than 100 people moving into Maricopa County every day?

The Sources:

Christine Mackey, Phoenix Director of Community and Economic Development The U.S. Census.,

The Answer:

Yes, on average, Maricopa County grows by more than 150 people a day.

What we found:

Arizona's population has exploded in recent decades.

“We are the 5th largest city in the country, and we’ve been the fastest growing city in the last 5 years,” Mackey said.

Phoenix and the Valley have been growing, even during the pandemic.
In 2020, the city of Phoenix itself grew by more than 71 people a day.

“The migration isn’t coming through natural migration, births minus deaths, but through emigration, people choosing to move here,” Mackey said.

Maricopa County saw similar growth. 

According to US Census 2021 Estimates, Maricopa County grew by more than 58,000 people last year. That's an average net gain of more than 150 people moving in every day.

So where are all these people coming from?

In Phoenix, the data shows that 17 percent of newcomers come from Los Angeles and more than 15 percent are coming from Tuscon. 

However, the third most common location people are moving from is Asia at 13.9 percent.

That's more than places like Chicago and Mexico.

“It’s fascinating to us. The Midwest is where we’ve always recruited from" Mackey said, "But we were surprised to see the growth in Asia even above central America.”

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