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No, 12 News did not thwart Kari Lake from running a campaign ad

The gubernatorial candidate asked on Twitter why 12 News didn't air her campaign ad Monday night. Her campaign bought the ad to air either Monday or Tuesday.

PHOENIX — Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake claims one of her campaign ads was supposed to air on 12 News during Monday night's broadcast. The former television anchor suggested on Twitter that 12 News may have violated federal rules that obligate stations to broadcast campaign ads. 

If stations don't air a candidate's ad or offer opportunities to buy air time, then the Federal Communications Commission can take action against the station's license. 


Did 12 News intentionally not air Kari Lake's campaign ad? 

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- FCC filings


No, Lake's campaign bought the political ad to air either Monday or Tuesday night.

Lake's media buying company, Strategic Media Placement, Inc., placed one commercial spot on 12 News for the week of Feb. 21-27. The order indicates the singular spot could air Monday or Tuesday evening during the 10 p.m. news. 

The purchase was made with 12 News on Friday, Feb. 18.

Credit: 12 News

Lake later tweeted that the ad would be airing Tuesday night, though didn't contextualize the fact that her campaign's purchasing order didn't specifically buy an ad for Monday night.

Lake is one of several candidates running to claim the Republican nomination for Arizona's 2022 gubernatorial race. Once 12 News allows one gubernatorial candidate to buy ad space, then the station's required under FCC regulations to let all other candidates have a chance to run ads.

The FCC further prevents stations from turning away an ad due to the content of a political candidate's ads. 

Lake, who worked in television news for over 20 years, has already released a television campaign ad that encourages its viewers to "turn off" the "corrupt news." 

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