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Is sparkling water as hydrating as regular water?

We wanted to verify whether sparkling water is just as hydrating as regular water, and if it was bad for your bones and teeth as soda is.

PHOENIX - There's a big trend toward ditching sodas for sparkling water. But what exactly is sparkling water?

According to Dr. Sonal Haerter from St. Joseph's Hospital, "pure sparkling water is water that's infused with carbon dioxide under pressure."

But is drinking carbonated flavored water the same as drinking regular water?

"Pure sparkling water or pure carbonated water is hydrating without having a negative impact on our health," Haerter said. However, she cautions you need to watch out for any added sugar or sodium.

We also wanted to verify if sparkling water is bad for your bones like soda is known to be.

"Carbonated water does not have a negative impact on bone density but the caffeinated sweetened colas definitely have a negative impact on bone density," Haerter said.

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