A Valley senior is raising the bar for all other high schoolers out there when it comes to asking someone to prom.

The guy we're talking about gave his girlfriend a whirlwind trip to Hawaii when he made his promposal.

Annalise Wilfert and Thomas Maher have known each other since middle school and dated since freshmen year at Marcos de Niza High School in Tempe.

Thomas posted a poll on Twitter asking "which one ... Mexico, Hawaii or California?"

After the nearly 2,000 votes, he made a giant poster that read: "Agree to go to prom with me and I will take you to the Hawaiian sea."

Annalise, of course, said yes. But but she said she wasn't too surprised. She said she saw the poll, but didn't vote, however, she would have picked Hawaii since both their families went there together several years ago.

The prom is this Saturday. Thomas admits he has put "a little" thought into topping this promposal when the big pproposal day rolls around.

But that's if they make it through their college days together, as rivals -- since one of them is planning to go to U of A and the other is going to ASU.