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Valley bakery robbed third time

In two years the bakery located at 35th Avenue and Greenway Road, has been robbed three times.

Not once, not twice, but three times, that’s how many times a local bakery here in the Valley has been robbed.

Each time the owner has captured the crimes unfold on surveillance video.

The Phoenix Police Department needs your help in identifying the person seen in the video.

If life is what you bake it, then it should be sweet for Sal Schroeder the owner of My Gal, Sal Bakery, Cafe and Catering.

“I’m so done crying over this because I’ve wasted so much of my energy and time,” said Sal Schroeder.

But in two years this bakery located at 35th Avenue and Greenway Road, has been robbed three times, none of which appear connected. And the last two were all recorded on video.

It happened the evening of Friday, November 2nd

“I was at home, got a call from my alarm company that my alarm was going off. The person or persons, chipped away the brick on our back door and then was able to use a crowbar on our deadbolt,” said Schroeder.

The thief wearing a hoodie, gloves and dark-framed glasses, did not appear to be in a hurry as he cases the building.

Until he finds Sal’s office.

“Found our safe managed to cut it open, stole a few days’ worth of money and stole both our iPads we use to run our cash register system,” said Schroeder.

But while trying to destroy the video evidence the crook ended up taking this up close shot of his face.

“Oh you see, it’s face it’s a clear picture of his face. I hope you enjoy your freedom your days are numbered,” said Schroeder.

And speaking of numbers, will robbery number three force Sal to throw in her apron?

“To be honest with you with this third instance, I really wanted to shut the store down," he said.

"I just had to sit and put my big girl panties on and say if I close my store then the bad guys win,” said Schroeder.

The owner of My Gal Sal Bakery said since the third robbery someone who heard about her struggle on social media, specializes in security, donated a high tech system.

She says she's grateful to the community the support they’ve shown her.

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