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TSA has seized 80 guns at Sky Harbor so far in 2020

Travelers have been caught trying to bring in just about everything from swords to guns in recent months.

PHOENIX — Everyone has those moments where they have accidentally left a bottle of soda or water in their carry-on luggage going through airport security.

But this year, some travelers at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport have been caught trying to bring in just about everything -- from swords to guns.

The TSA at Sky Harbor showed off a table full of prohibited items like brass knuckles, tools, knives and BB guns that look like real guns, just to name a few. 

All of those were discovered just this month at security checkpoints.

“We continue to see prohibited items en masse,” said Patricia Mancha with the TSA.

All the items are prohibited because they could be used as weapons. Some items in disguise.

“We’ve seen lipstick knives. We have seen knives that are a sword in the handle of a cane,” said Mancha.

The TSA technically doesn’t confiscate prohibited items from passengers. They are given the choice of returning them to their vehicle or leaving them with someone who is not flying. Most surrender their items because they just don’t have time to deal with it.

So far, Mancha said that 80 guns have been caught at Sky Harbor in 2020. A few weeks ago, they pulled eight guns in eight days going through the security line.

Firearms are allowed in checked baggage, just not in carry-on bags. Each case is handed over to law enforcement and some fines can reach into the thousands.

“You can bring a firearm as long as long as it’s in a hard-back case, unloaded and it’s declared at the time you check in your baggage,” said Mancha.

Martial Arts weapons, firecrackers or anything flammable just leave it at home. TSA agents will find them, and your travel time could be impacted.

“Before you go to the airport. Double-check your carry-on. Double-check your pockets and make sure you know what it is you’re bringing to the airport,” said Mancha.

Prohibited items are handed over to the state where they are sold off. The TSA does not make any money off the surrendered items.

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