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Tips for preventing wildfires as summer in the Valley heats up

Wildfire season is here, and it takes all of us to limit these potentially dangerous fires.

PHOENIX — Wildfire season is here, and it takes everyone to prevent the dangerous flames. 

The Courthouse Fire southwest of Tonopah has burned more than 1,000 acres since it started on Saturday afternoon, leaving many homes without power. 

Residents of Bagdad were recently forced to evacuate after the Spur Fire tore through the area. 

Here are some important reminders from Arizona’s Department of Forestry and Fire Management for wildfire prevention.

Fire Prevention Outdoors

  • Make sure your campfire is fully doused with water until it is cool to the touch
  • If you’re burning debris, use a proper burn barrel 
  • Never leave fires unattended. 
  • Fireworks and target practices are never allowed on state lands 

“[The state forestry website] will have all the restriction information for state, federal and tribal lands,” said Tiffany Davila, the public information officer with the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management. 

Following these restrictions is a win-win. You can look out for your fellow Arizonans and steer clear of legal trouble. 

“Know where you’re going, know what restrictions are in place because you can face fines and be ticketed if you’re doing something you're not supposed to be in that area,” Davila said. 

Forestry officials also want to stress the importance of practicing fire safety while driving. 

Fire Prevention in Your Vehicle

  • If you’re smoking in your vehicle, do not toss the buds out the window 
  • If you're pulling a trailer, make sure to tighten up the chains  
  • Try to avoid driving over dry areas

“Our fuel is so dry right now that any ignition source to this dry fuel bed is going to potentially start a fast-moving, devastating wildfire," Davila said.

Fire Prevent Around Your Home

  • Be sure to remove pine needles and other dry vegetation from yards

“It really does take all of us to prevent wildfires,” Davila said. 

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