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Summer water safety tips, and they're NOT just for kids

Officials say there are roughly twice as many adult deaths from drownings in Arizona than children.
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As soon as temperatures hit triple digits, Arizonans head to the pool!

But sadly, tragedies there, are all too common.

“Summertime is the highest point where kids are more interested in going in the background pools.

They’re more at home, because they’re not at school,” said Lori Schmidt of the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona.

The Children’s Safety Zone says there have already been 16 water-related deaths in the Valley this year, seven of them children under the age of five.

The Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona says parents should remember their A-B-C’s:

A - Adult Supervision

B - Barriers to water (like a fence)

C - Classes for both children and adults, who, believe it or not, are more at-risk thank kids.

“Twice as many adults drown every year than children do in our state. It’s kind of amazing. We have adult who are going in the water by themselves, or they are going in impaired,” said Schmidt.

And it’s not just drownings in pools that you need to look out for. Schmidt says you need to be even more vigilant in open water, canals, and with little ones around the house. If you don’t have a life vest, you can often borrow one, free of charge.

“[There are] Life jacker loaner stations at most of our lakes and rivers, so there really isn’t an excuse for you to NOT have a life vest,” Schmidt said.

Meantime, the coalition itself has numerous prevention programs including free safety checks of your pool or spa and CPR and swimming lessons. More info is on their website: preventdrownings.org.

“They’re very common and they’re 100% preventable. We need to put things in place to reduce those risks,” Schmidt added.