Arizona's refugee community is diverse, both in what countries people have come from as well as why they had to leave home. This is a look at the stories of refugees from different African countries.

Name: Jeremy Rumaraninoa, 47
Country of Origin: Congo
Years in the U.S.: 6 months

What he likes about the U.S.: When asked about what he likes in the US, he said: “They respect you.”

What he/she/they miss about home: When asked about what he misses, he said: “I miss my country.” His friends and brother were left behind in Congo.

Name: Michelle, 12, Yvonne, 11, and Lucky, 4
Country of Origin: Congo
Years in the U.S.: 2 years

What they like about the U.S.: When asked about what they like in the US, Yvonne answered: “School. They help us to learn.”

What they miss about home: They miss their two older sisters who are now married and have their own families in Congo.

Name: Christina Mweshi, 75, Asha Mkundama, 29, and JJ
Country of Origin: Congo
Years in the U.S.: 8 years

Story: This photo is three generations of Congolese women who have carved their lives here in the US. Since 2000, there has been a steady influx of refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Asha, Christina, and JJ are among 2,700 Congolese who are in the process of becoming "New Americans."

Name: Mamusu Komeh, 70
Country of Origin: Sierra Leone

Story: According to Jamarie, their auntie came to the states ahead of them 8 years ago – and told them “Phoenix is good and (has) too much sun, but it’s good.” Despite the fact that she misses the cooler weather in Congo, she says now they have a better life and education.

Name: Nasra Bede, 22, and Basra Ali Bede, 5
Country of Origin: Somalia
Years in the U.S.: Arrived in January 2016

Story: Nasra and her daughter Basra arrived in Phoenix in January 2016. She can only understand a few English words and communicates mainly through facial expressions and hand gestures. Her 5 year old daughter Basra was born in a refugee camp in Ethiopia.