Peoria Fire-Medical first responders recognized two remarkable young ladies today for taking quick action, first talking their grandfather into getting off the road and then calling 911 during a medical episode.

Back on November 14th, 12-year old Adyson Ordway and her younger sister Rayne were on their way home from school. Their grandfather, Lee Mullins was driving them home when they noticed he was going the wrong way and he wasn’t answering questions correctly.

Lee Mullins with his wife and grandchildren
Lee Mullins

Miraculously, Adyson managed to talk her grandfather into pulling over and then called 911. While on the phone with a dispatcher, Rayne explained their grandfather has diabetes and may be having a diabetic emergency. 

When responders arrived, they found him unresponsive. The car was in the middle of a four-lane road with the vehicle still running and in drive.

Paramedics treated him for Hypoglycemia and he later became coherent, eventually answering all questions appropriately. 

Responders say their actions may have saved their grandfather’s life, as well as their own and the lives of others.