In the wake of a sexual harassment scandal at the Arizona Legislature, all 60 members of the House of Representatives must attend a three-hour training session Tuesday on harassment and discrimination, according to two legislative leaders on this weekend's "Sunday Square Off."

The Legislature's new session opens Monday with Republican Gov. Doug Ducey's fourth "State of the State" speech.

This weekend's "Square Off" previews the governor's speech, the top issues and potential surprises this session and what Republican and Democratic leaders say they'll focus on.

The sexual harassment scandal that became public last fall is sure to dominate the session.

An Arizona Republic report Sunday describes a sexist culture at the Capitol that has endured for years.

House staff and an outside attorney are conducting a taxpayer-financed investigation of harassment allegations involving House members, staff and lobbyists.

Republican State Rep. T.J. Shope of Coolidge and Democratic State Rep. Randy Friese of Tucson, both leaders in their respective caucuses, discuss harassment at the Capitol and their agenda for the upcoming session.

Also, the roundtable of Laurie Roberts of the Arizona Republic; Christine Jones, a former GOP candidate for governor and former GoDaddy executive; and Ben Giles of the Arizona Capitol Times, discusses:

-Ducey's accomplishments as he heads into a campaign for a second term and the questions he needs to answer in his speech.

-Why education will dominate the Legislature this session, and water rights will emerge as a key issue.

-Three issues that will surprise voters this session.

We also look at the five kookiest bills waiting for legislators' attention.

"Sunday Square Off" airs at 8 a.m. Sundays on 12 News, right after NBC's "Meet the Press."

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