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Screenshots show an online account helping a 17-year-old valedictorian plan his suicide

Authorities closed the investigation without recommending any charges for the person behind this account.

CHANDLER, Ariz. — Paolla Jordan didn't know how much her son was hurting inside. 

"Down deep, he had a very deep-rooted depression I didn't know was there," Jordan said. 

17-year-old Adrio Romine took his own life in May while visiting family in Klamath County, Oregon. 

The boy's mother says she took his phone to the T-Mobile store to unlock the information inside and found a shocking conversation he had been having with someone online.

"I took just under 290 screenshots. They had been talking since November," Jordan said.

The conversation was happening in the online chat forum Reddit. Jordan says her son and this other user confided in each other about their suicidal thoughts—at times discussing exactly how they would do it and even giving advice.

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"You want to do it at this part of the temple. You want to have it this particular angle," Jordan said, paraphrasing part of the conversation. 

12 News reviewed many of these screenshots and narrowed in on a few of the more disturbing conversations. 

Adrio under screen name "thechosenbean1" asked, "A 9mm too small?" The other user replied, "9mm is pretty standard. Itd work if you used that."

Later, Adrio asked the user, "Any size gun too small to kill?" and the account replied, "A pellet gun or airsoft gun definitely wont do it," as if to make sure he didn't use the wrong weapon. 

Even on the night of Adrio's suicide, the account gave him specific detail on how to fire the exact type of Ruger pistol he would be using.

Jordan did send these screenshots to an investigating detective with the Chandler Police Department, but the Klamath County Sheriff's Office had jurisdiction on the investigation. 

A police report written by Chandler PD states an investigator called the deputy in Oregon working the case, but that deputy declined to read the screenshots, instead saying, "The investigation was closed," and there was "no evidence of bullying or badgering," according to the report.

In the end, Chandler PD closed their investigation without recommending charges either. The concluding portion of the police report states, "This young male was very troubled and the suicidal issues he had started well before his contact with,[the online account]."

Still, Romine's mother is pushing for change.

"I talked to the FBI, I talked to cyber crimes, I talked to Klamath County over in Oregon and I talked to Chandler police, and they were basically saying the next step for you is talking to your politicians and getting a law changed. That's now really my mission," Jordan says.

If you or someone you know struggle with depression or suicidal thoughts, you are not alone. Here is a list of resources available 24/7.

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