TOWNVILLE, S.C. - The mother of Jacob Hall, the 6-year-old who died from injuries sustained in a school shooting in South Carolina, called her son a "angel" who loved his mommy and taught her how to forgive.

Renae Hall spoke to reporters only hours after her son had died.

"Jacob was an angel that was brought to this earth to show love, to show kindness, and to show forgiveness. Jacob never had a bad intention ever in his body," she said.

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"He loved me, his mommy. We had a bond like no mother and son will ever have," said Renae Hall. "He loved his daddy, he loved to tell stories, he had an imagination that was as big as he was and as bright as he was."

Jacob had been fighting for his life at a hospital since the shooting Wednesday at Townville Elementary School. A bullet struck Hall in a main artery in his leg, causing him to lose a lot of blood.

A bullet from the Townville Elementary School shooter hit Jacob Hall, 6, of Townville, S.C., in the femoral artery. 

"Jacob was forgiving. What happened to Jacob, Jacob forgives already. He's in heaven smiling down on us and he's asking his mommy to be strong to forgive just like he would have," Renae said.

On Thursday, Jacob's family said the 6-year-old had sustained a major brain injury because of the amount of blood he lost due to his injury.

"He was going to make a difference in this world. He was going to show how we were brought into this world to love each other not to hate," said Renae.

"Jacob taught me to love God. Jacob loved God so much that he was not afraid to go home to God. Anytime I was sad, or had a bad day, he would touch my face and tell me to pray to Jesus, Jesus would make it okay."

Jacob was one of three victims shot at a South Carolina elementary school on Wednesday. Jesse Osborne, 14, is accused of killing his father before driving to Townville Elementary School and shooting three people, two 6-year-olds and a first grade teacher.

"My son prayed like a grown man," Renae Hall said. "There was never a child's prayer when it came to him. And he prayed for everybody that he knew was sick."

On Friday, Osborne was charged with murder for his father's death and three counts of attempted murder for the shooting at the elementary school, but those charges could change with Jacob Hall's death.

"There's good people in this world, and it took my son's death for me to realize that there are still good people in this world because I had gave up. I stopped watching the news because I hated to watch every day that someone was killed on the news. I hated that," said Renae Hall. "And Jacob's death showed me that wasn't what the world's about. The world's about people coming together in a time of crisis, and helping people that they don't even know get by that time."

"He told me and his daddy one day he said you know what I got a secret. I got superpowers. He said I'm Catboy. And at night when you and mommy and daddy are sleeping, I got out and I save the If you ever feel a chill on your back, a brush on your cheek, you know that that was my Jacob coming to save the day."

Funeral arrangements for Jacob Hall have not yet been set.