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Extreme drought in Arizona makes significant jump over two weeks, data shows

The Drought Monitor released on Thursday continues to reveal worsening drought in our state.

ARIZONA, USA — The highest level of drought has hit Arizona again, according to the Drought Monitor released on Thursday. 

Exceptional drought has been reintroduced into the northwestern section of the state. The last time this worst level of drought stained the Arizona Drought Monitor was last summer. We dropped out of it during our rainy monsoon season.

Extreme and severe drought has also increased across Arizona, in addition to the exceptional blow. The level of extreme or exceptional drought in Arizona has risen from 10% to 21% in the past two weeks. Severe drought in the state is now set at 67%.

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Credit: 12 News

April, May and June are the driest months of the year on average for Arizona. 

Not only are we in the midst of the driest months, but we're also coming off of a lackluster winter too. Phoenix is only 19 percent of normal for the year's rainfall showing which is just 0.55 of an inch, as of the May 19 Drought Monitor.

Arizona's hotter temperatures have also recently continued to increase evapotranspiration and dry soils.

There most likely won’t be an improvement to the Drought Monitor until the monsoon season gets with the program. The official start date for the season is June 15. 

Latest predictions point to the potential for above-average rainfall and most certainly above-average temperatures this monsoon.

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