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Hulu's 'Reservation Dogs' star visits Valley Diné bakery

"It was like they were family," said the owner of Blue Naadą́ą́ Sweets

PHOENIX — The owner of Blue Naadą́ą́ Sweets got a surprise visit from a popular Native American star this past weekend. 

D'Pharoah Woon A-Tai, who plays "Bear" in the Hulu show "Reservation Dogs" stopped by the pop-up shop at the Native Art Market in Scottsdale to try owner Erickson Billy's Blue Corn Cookies.

"The overall visit was exciting," Billy said. "I was even more humbled to know that he and his twin sibling enjoyed my Iced Navajo Tea and Blue Corn Cookies!"

Billy said it was fun to have a Native American actor come and visit the pop-up shop.

"It was like, they were family," Billy said 

Blue Naadą́ą́ Sweets has a special meaning in the Diné language. "Naadą́ą́'" translates to corn.

Billy makes everything from Blue Corn Cookies, to cupcakes and even Ice Navajo Tea.

Billy has been in business since 2020 and also works with Native Health Phoenix to teach Native Americans how to make Blue Corn Mush.

"I'm glad they're fans of Blue Naadą́ą́ Sweets," Billy said. "I'm happy to know that I'm doing something right."

The Hulu show "Reservation Dogs" follows four Indigenous teenagers in Oklahoma who will do almost anything and everything to get to California.

Woon A-Tai plays Bear on the show, the self-proclaimed "leader" of the group.

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