Sen. John McCain released a statement Friday saying the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 election “must proceed unimpeded.”

McCain’s statement came shortly after President Trump approved the release of a memo alleging the FBI and Department of Justice abused their authority in their investigation of Russia's role in the election.

The declassified documents, authored by the Republican majority on the House Intelligence Committee, were reportedly released with no redactions minutes after the president's approval.

"I think it’s a disgrace,” Trump said. "A lot of people should be ashamed of themselves."

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McCain said while there’s no evidence that Russia affected the outcome of the 2016 election, he fears they "succeeded in fueling political discord and dividing us from one another."

"The latest attacks on the FBI and Department of Justice serve no American interests – no party’s, no president’s, only Putin’s," McCain said. "The American people deserve to know all of the facts surrounding Russia’s ongoing efforts to subvert our democracy."

The Arizona senator said that is why Mueller’s investigation must go on without interruption.

"Our nation’s elected officials, including the president, must stop looking at this investigation through the warped lens of politics and manufacturing partisan sideshows," McCain said.

McCain finished his statement by saying if the country continued to "undermine our own rule of law," then "we are doing Putin’s job for him."

Here are reactions to the memo's release from other Arizona members of Congress:

GOP Congressman Paul Gosar of Flagstaff: Gosar said the memo showed top FBI and Justice Department officials committed treason, and should be prosecuted.

Democratic Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema of Phoenix: Sinema, who is running for the U.S. Senate, said the memo was misleading and appeared to be politically motivated.

Republican Congressman Andy Biggs of Mesa: Biggs said he was renewing his call for Robert Mueller to resign. "If he does not have the integrity to resign, he should be fired... The direction of the Mueller investigation has been guided by the tainted information obtained by spying on Americans."

Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva of Tucson: “The release of the Nunes memo is an orchestrated effort to protect Donald Trump and derail any serious investigation into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election... If Republicans truly claim to be the party of ‘law and order’ they should allow the Mueller investigation to continue and cease their efforts to discredit it.”

GOP Congresswoman Martha McSally of Tucson: McSally, who is running for the U.S. Senate, said, "I read this troubling memo weeks ago & fully support its release. The American people deserve transparency."

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