PHOENIX — Chances are you have seen the signs, advertisements or mail supporting at least one of the Republican candidates for Senate.

The Aug. 28 primary is just a few weeks away, and campaigns are now in full gear.

Congresswoman Martha McSally, Dr. Kelli Ward and Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio are all vying to become the next Republican nominee to try and take Jeff Flake's seat in the U.S. Senate.

No matter what the candidates say about each other, the platforms between the candidates are pretty similar.

Each candidate says they support the border wall, a balanced budget, the Trump tax plan, the 2nd Amendment, strengthening military, and a focus on small business.

Each candidate has been very public about their support of president Trump.

12 News asked each candidate what separates themselves from the rest.

Congresswoman Martha McSally said, "I am the only one in this race that's working with president Trump right now to secure our border, cut taxes, rebuild our military, support our veterans ..."

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio said, "First of all, I was with president Trump from day one. No. 2, I have the experiences as the top law enforcement official (in Mexico and Arizona)."

Dr. Kelli Ward said, "I am an open, honest, authentic, accessible, America-first champion."

The winner of the Republican nomination will face a Democratic challenger for the seat in November.