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Trump tweets: 'SIGNATURES DON’T MATCH' in Arizona

President Trump doubled down on his comments on Arizona's election.
Credit: Getty Images

President Donald Trump tweeted Friday that "SIGNATURES DON’T MATCH" in Arizona, referring to the continuing ballot counting.

The president told reporters Friday morning there was a Democratic conspiracy.

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With the Arizona Senate seat in the balance, Arizona counties are still tallying mail-in ballots and verifying voters' signatures.

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema pulled ahead of Republican Martha McSally in the tally Thursday after large tally updates from Maricopa and Pima counties.

Hundreds of thousands of ballots are still being counted in these counties, which leaned in Sinema's favor in pre-election polling.

Four local Republican parties filed a lawsuit Wednesday night, challenging the way counties have allowed voters to fix problems with signatures on mailed-in early ballots.

In a press conference Thursday, Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes said he will "follow the law" and continue to verify signatures on mail-in ballots to count votes in the 2018 midterm elections.

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