This weekend's "Sunday Square Off" is devoted to what might be one of Arizona's more important stories over the last 15 years: the astonishing transformation of Arizona State University under the school's president, Michael Crow.

If you haven't been following the ASU story, it's not the nation's top party school anymore - it hasn't even cracked the top 20 list in six years.

But ASU is climbing rapidly on lists of the largest research universities in the country.

The school's student body is larger - and more diverse - than ever: ASU is educating 103,000 students this fall.

And university president Michael Crow is making lists - of possible candidates to be the next president of Harvard University.

Crow and I spent a recent morning together, chatting in his office and at an ASU research lab.

In a wide-ranging conversation, we discussed whether ASU is becoming the of education; what's behind the school's research boom and one researcher's "cancer moonshot"; how President Donald Trump affects ASU and higher ed; and whether Crow wants that Harvard job.

"Sunday Square Off" airs at 8 a.m. Sunday on 12 News, after "Meet the Press."

Is ASU becoming Amazon of higher education?

ASU President Michael Crow explains why the university has grown so rapidly and how it manages tuition expenses for Arizona students.

Meet the ASU researcher behind a cancer moonshot

The most ambitious research at ASU's fast-growing campus labs is on a vaccine that would prevent every cancer known to humans. Call it ASU's cancer moonshot.

President Trump's impact on ASU and higher education

President Donald Trump is making several moves that affect ASU and the nation's universities: the Muslim travel ban and new leadership at the U.S. Department of Education stand out.

Pop quiz for ASU President Michael Crow

Harvard University's president is retiring. Does Michael Crow want that job? Will ASU ever play in the Rose Bowl? And is that a Fitbit on his wrist?