Ken Bennett, Gov. Doug Ducey’s Republican primary challenger, says the governor has failed to live up to his campaign promises and defends two attack lines he’s deployed against the governor despite questions about their accuracy.

Bennett, a 2014 candidate for governor and a former secretary of state, drew the ire of many fellow Republicans by claiming that Ducey is set to appoint Cindy McCain to succeed Sen. John McCain if and when he leaves office.

Bennett is running with a May Newsmax story about the appointment that relies on unnamed sources, who Bennett tells me are former Sen. Jon Kyl and retiring Sen. Jeff Flake.

Bennett also claims that Ducey urged McCain to vote against repealing Obamacare last summer.

McCain did tweet before the vote, "I... will support whatever healthcare plan (the governor) believes is best."

But reporting after the vote showed Ducey urged McCain to support the so-called “skinny repeal,” which McCain rejected with a dramatic thumbs down. In his new memoir, “The Restless Wave,” McCain confirms that he ignored Ducey’s advice.

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