Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell, facing her toughest re-election fight in almost 30 years in office, answers for a year of election failures, on this weekend's "Sunday Square Off."

Purcell, a Republican, is seeking an eighth term in office overseeing Maricopa County's elections

She is opposed by Democrat Adrian Fontes, a criminal defense attorney making his first run for office. Fontes appeared on "Square Off" on Oct. 2.

The recorder's office oversaw several election lapses this year:

March: Purcell reduced the number of polling places by 70 percent for the presidential primary. Voter lines were several hours long.

April: Purcell's office printed 2 million ballots with the wrong Spanish-language description for Prop 123. Fixing that mistake cost taxpayers $400,000.

August: A judge ruled that Purcell's office failed to tell primary voters who cast provisional ballots in the wrong precinct that their ballots would not count.

Purcell also discusses:

-Whether she'll enforce the state's new law banning ballot collections.

-Whether she is concerned about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump claiming the November election will be "rigged" against him.

-What she's done to protect Maricopa County's voter databases from hackers.

WATCH: What Purcell thinks of Trump's claim election is 'rigged'

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