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Customers get refunds after APS gave bad advice. Has the power giant fixed the problem?

On "Sunday Square Off," what will top executive tell regulators about what went wrong? Also, should state's top highway trooper have asked for the speeding ticket?

PHOENIX — The new chief executive of Arizona's largest power company has been on the job for just a few weeks, but Jeff Guldner will be in the hot seat this week when state regulators question him about the botched rollout of new electric rates.

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Arizona Public Service has already offered refunds to customers who paid to much for their electricity, based on bad advice from APS.

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On this weekend's "Sunday Square Off," the Arizona Republic's Ryan Randazzo explains how the company messed up the rate rollout, despite former CEO Don Brandt's claim that APS "did an outstanding job," and what the company's 1 million customers can expect to hear from Guldner at this week's Arizona Corporation Commission meeting.

Also on this weekend's "Square Off," in our Left/Right debate, Democratic communications consultant Julie Erfle and GOP political consultant Barrett Marson discuss:

Top trooper dodges speeding ticket: Should Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Frank Milstead have insisted on a speeding ticket when he was pulled over for doing 90-mph-plus on Interstate 17? How does Milstead's dodging the ticket affect his troopers who pull over speeders every day? And will Gov. Doug Ducey continue to stand by his public safety director?

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Whistleblower claims prison cover-up: Arizonans spend a billion dollars a year on our state prisons. So why don't the locks on cell doors work? A new whistleblowers claims the prisons are covering up a failure to repair the locks.

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Ducey & DeVos team up: U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was in Phoenix last week, touting her $5 billion dollar plan to pay tuition for private school students. 

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Gov. Doug Ducey urged her to expand school vouchers nationwide. Will the governor push for another voucher expansion in Arizona when the new legislative session starts next month?

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