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Arizona voters are growing and getting younger. What does it mean for the 2020 presidential race?

One year out from Election Day, ‘Sunday Square Off’ does a deep dive on key Arizona trends. Also, why someone new is running our election.

Arizona is one of three or four states that could decide who wins the White House and control of the U.S. Senate.

With the election a year from today, “Sunday Square Off’ insiders show you which voters are the key to deciding one of the most important races in the country.

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And if the presidential and Senate races are too close to call on Nov. 3, 2020, the pressure will be on the Republican Maricopa County Board, which has taken over running the election from Democratic County recorder Adrian Fontes. 

On today’s show: 

- Record turnout possible: As Arizona booms, so are the voter rolls. And over the last decade, those voters have been getting younger and Latino voters’ share of the electorate has almost doubled. 

We find out what that means for the candidates from Josh Zaragoza, vice president of digital strategy and data analytics at Phoenix-based Javelina, and Paul Bentz, senior VP of research and strategy at Phoenix-based HighGround consulting.

- New faces running elections: I’ll explain why the five-member Maricopa County Board will be under the microscope after assuming control of Election Day and the ballot count. 

- Voting initiatives aim for ballot: Backers of the proposed Fair Elections Act claim it would register more voters, give small donors more clout and pay for that with higher taxes. Arizona Capitol Times reporter Julia Shumway explains the initiative.

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