Meghan McCain spoke on her father's legacy on "The View" Monday, saying "he's taught me what life is really about."

"I'm just not scared of death the way I once was because I know now he's gonna be waiting for me on the other side," she said.

"The View" co-hosts were joined by Mark Salter, longtime colleague of Sen. John McCain, and filmmaker Teddy Kunhardt, director of McCain's yet-to-be-released HBO documentary.

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Meghan McCain, Salter and Kunhardt all discussed the elder McCain's desire to get the country back to a place where people on both sides of the aisle are working together.

With the documentary, Kunhardt said the Arizona senator had two goals: He wanted to show his imperfections and to get Congress working together again. Kunhardt said the Arizona senator called it his "last fight."

"He kept on saying, 'This is my last fight,' and we thought he meant cancer,'" Kunhardt said. "And he said, 'No, it's about pulling the country back together.'"

Meghan McCain said her father was been "so brave" in his battle against brain cancer. But she added the way the country is currently operating just isn't the "McCain way."

"Coming together as a country and not delving into this crap that we're at right now, with divisiveness and not being able to speak to the other side, and you have to hate the other person, and we have no decency, and death jokes are acceptable, and you can never apologize," she said, "that is not the McCain way, and it's never gonna be."