PHOENIX — We all know flying can be stressful enough, but if you’re a parent of a baby, it can be even harder, lugging around breast milk, baby formula or whatever nursing things you need.  

For traveling parents, what makes it even more frustrating is that not every security lane works the same during TSA screening.  

So Sen. Martha McSally introduced legislation that could help millions of traveling parents who are inconvenienced by the inconsistent screening of baby products by TSA.

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“They are getting inconsistent ways that they are treated as they go through TSA, whether it's baby formula or breast milk,” said McSally.

This bill is called the “Traveling Parents Screening Consistency Act.”  

McSally said, “We simply want that to be more consistent. And have it be reasonable and communicated to people so that they know what to expect.”

Some of the goals of this new bill include:

  • Make sure TSA is consistent when it comes to handling formula, breast milk, purified water or juice for young kids.
  • Evaluate whether TSA needs to update and revise their procedures for screening.
  • Make sure TSA is effectively tracing passenger complaints related to the screening.
  • Evaluate how TSA communicates and informs passengers and airports on their screening procedures.

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To read more about the bill, click here.  

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