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Julie Gunnigle concedes to Allister Adel in Maricopa County attorney race

Late into Election Night, 12 News learned Allister Adel had been admitted to the hospital.

PHOENIX — Voters cast ballots for the person who will head the third-largest public prosecutorial agency in the nation, which serves more than 4 million residents. 

The race for Maricopa County attorney featured Republican incumbent Allister Adel and Democratic challenger Julie Gunnigle.

Nearly a week after Election Day, Gunnigle conceded the race to Adel as she trailed by 34,991 with the vast majority of ballots counted.

Late into Election Night, 12 News learned Adel was admitted to the hospital for a health emergency.

Adel remains in serious but stable condition as of last week after being hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage. 

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You can see the results for the Maricopa County attorney election below: 

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Adel was appointed to county attorney in 2019 by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. She served more than seven years as a deputy county attorney. 

Gunnigle served as an assistant state’s attorney in Cook County, Illinois. She is a former law professor and prosecutor and has her own legal practice in the Valley. 

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office handles all felony prosecutions in the county.

The county attorney and their team ultimately decide who will be charged with crimes. 

The county attorney also draws out plea deals and prosecute trials. 

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Adel made headlines in September for her decision to not file criminal charges against a DPS trooper for shooting and killing Dion Johnson, an unarmed Black man, on May 25.

Adel said prosecutors were unable to determine beyond a reasonable doubt the trooper did not act in self-defense.   

“When trying to determine what happens after an event like the one that ended in the death of Mr. Johnson, more information is always better – better for prosecutors – better for the public – and better for anyone who is committed to keeping our community safe,” Adel said at the time.

More 12 News coverage of Election Day:

The shooting death of Johnson stirred up protests throughout the Valley over the summer. Protesters called for an end to police brutality and more oversight for police departments. 

Gunnigle responded to the decision to not charge the trooper in a statement on Twitter, where she criticized her opponent.

“We will never see equal justice under the law so long as County Attorneys like Allister Adel politicize prosecutions and fail to uphold their obligation to the Constitution. Her decision today was an act of cowardice and the family of Dion Johnson deserves better,” Gunnigle said in a statement. 

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