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On the Mark: The hypocrisy of Arizona Republicans, election audit

Team 12's Mark Curtis discusses hypocrisy of Arizona Republicans based on the election audit and insurrection response.

ARIZONA, USA — Hypocrisy is alive and well in the Arizona GOP.

There’s an old English proverb that says, "What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”.

I am not sure the chair of the Arizona GOP took that to heart when she tried her damnedest to stop an audit looking into her election over Sandra Dowling to head up the party.

But, is the Arizona GOP crying foul over the foul-smelling audit of the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County?

They’re not? Why?

And, as long as we’re on the subject, why are so many Republican leaders in Washington against a commission to look into the insurrection?

After all, it was an attack on our democracy. We looked into the last big attack on our democracy on 911. 

What makes this different?

Could it be that with the 2022 midterms approaching a commission's findings could be ‘bad for business'?

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