PHOENIX - There are new immigration directives from the Department of Homeland Security, and they outline aggressive enforcement of already existing laws. The new part of this directive is giving local police the same authority as immigration officers.

The police departments in Phoenix, Mesa and Glendale tell 12 News they have no plans of changing anything about their immigration protocol.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office responded to our question by saying "Our focus is on ensuring the right practices and procedures relating to existing court orders are in place at MCSO. MCSO is not an immigration enforcement agency."

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Nonetheless, this issue is a hot-button topic on both sides of the immigration debate. 12 News spoke to several people at a shopping center in Phoenix who are all for the new directives and believe they will help solve an immigration issue in America.

Others were not so happy, including Reyna Montoya. Montoya is a DACA beneficiary whose parents are undocumented immigrants. Her father came to America 18 years ago seeking asylum from violence in Mexico.

"For me, this is something very personal," Montoya said. "If it had not been for my parents I would have not gotten a private scholarship and graduated from ASU."

Making matters even more personal for Montoya is the fact her father is currently going through deportation proceedings. His next court appearance could potentially be his last day in the county, depending on the outcome of his plea for asylum status.

"As a daughter you don't want to fathom that idea, but you know it's a real possibility," said Montoya.

She and her family have had the conversations about what they will do if the court does not rule in their favor. It's one of those debates neither side can seem to come to a fair solution on.

The dialog continues across Arizona and beyond.