PHOENIX - The city of Phoenix sent a cease-and-desist demand to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign Thursday.

The letter alleges Trump's campaign "has violated federal and state law by using copyrighted materials in a campaign advertisement."

The advertisement in question originally aired Sept. 20, 2016, and it contains footage of uniformed Phoenix police officers shaking hands with Trump.

The letter states that the officers did not consent to the use of their images, and that the ad "unmistakably and wrongfully suggests that Phoenix and the officers support or endorse Mr. Trump's campaign."

Several pieces of Phoenix intellectual property were on the uniforms (the department's badge and patch) and the letter stated that the city does not allow "any person, entity or political campaign to appropriate or otherwise use its protected materials or replicas for any private purpose such as a campaign ad."

The letter also made clear that Phoenix did not endorse Trump's opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, or any presidential candidate.

Page 1 of Phx-Cease-Desist-to-Trump-Campaign

Page 1 of Phx-Cease-Desist-to-Trump-Campaign

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